Trends and Predictions, 2022

Download now and discover the key trends that will define the coming year.


In our 2022 trend report, we share our predictions for the year ahead; exploring the rise of shareholder voice, and the lingering legacy of COVID-19 we examine three key areas of focus for 2022 that will help your organization cut through the noise to deliver a successful, seamless AGM. 


In the report we examine:

  • The implications of 2021
  • The rise of shareholder voice
  • The emerging dominance of ESG
  • Delivering a joined- up programme of engagement events
  • Investing in simplicity


Since 1995, Lumi has supported organizations to deliver seamless AGM experiences for their stakeholders. As a world-leading technology provider, conducting more meetings globally than any other provider, Lumi is uniquely positioned to offer practitioners insight into the landscape of AGM management.

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