Delivering an AGM, Trends and Predictions,

The 2021 AGM season: what we know so far

In our latest report, we examine everything we know about the AGM season so far— from...

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Top tips for presenting your AGM from home

A guide to an engaging AGM

Whether this is the first time you’re planning a virtual or...

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The Journey of a Question

Transparency, security and reliability lie at the heart of every Lumi meeting. Trusted...

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How we manage Q&A - A personalized tutorial

If you're considering making the shift to a Lumi managed meeting and want to...

AGM, Delivering an AGM, Selecting Technology,

On The Day

In this short film we cover the steps taken by our Lumi representatives in the week...

Hybrid, Virtual, Delivering an AGM,

Managing Q&A at your Hybrid or Virtual AGM

The Q&A session in any meeting is always challenging – an unscripted and occasionally...

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