In The Room vs Hybrid vs Virtual

  • Organizations are increasingly looking to combine different formats of meetings, to enable people to attend online alongside in-the-room attendees. Our free infographic will help you understand all of the differences between an in-the-room only meeting, a hybrid or virtual meeting.
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Additional Reading

Lumi - Hybrid AGM Ebook

The Ultimate Guide To Hybrid AGM


Annual meetings have traditionally been hosted in a physicallocation, to allow shareholders to directly engage with the Board, and ultimately hold them to account.

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Lumi - How To Run A Hybrid Meeting

How To Run A Hybrid Meeting


Our UK MD Peter Fowler, explains exactly what is involved - from the pre registration process right through to the post event report.

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Lumi - Hybrid AGM FAQ

Hybrid AGM FAQ


Interested in the security of hybrid AGM? Curious about what it’s like to attend an AGM virtually? Concerned about potential issues from a hybrid AGM? Then check out this free guide.

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