So it’s THE water-cooler conversation in workplaces, homes, pubs and schools in the UK right now (Even my 6 year-old left for school this morning dressed in the colours of her favourite flags).

In or Out??? It’s anyone’s guess right now.

So if it was up to your team – do you know what the result would be?

As part of our monthly ‘Town hall’ webinar meetings for our global business and in our local team meetings here in the UK we’ve been finding out just that using the polling and moderated chat app Meetoo.

The results have been really interesting- Every poll so far has us 65%+ to remain- and sparked much debate on our demographic profile, who’s voting, who’s forgotten to register… Certainly not a result in line with the latest polls in the press- but then how accurate were the pre-election polls and exit polls at the last general election??!

Why not spark some healthy discussion or perhaps help those undecideds in your team by polling for some honest, uninhibited responses?

Love to hear how you get on…

We’ve now moved polling on to the next biggest issue of the day- who’s making the tea…


A Meetoo trial is free, and you can be running your first poll in 5 minutes- just sign up here

Some pre-prepared Brexit polling PPT slides are available here in the Meetoo community


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